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Project WASH

Project WASH, also known as Water for Agriculture, Sanitation, and Hygiene, is an initiative driven by JCI Davao to ensure access to clean water in underdeveloped areas. 

Aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 6, which emphasizes universal access to water and sanitation, JCI Davao firmly believes that water is a basic necessity and a catalyst for societal progress and functionality.

Clean water, a fundamental human right that serves as the cornerstone of thriving communities, is often overlooked and taken for granted. JCI Davao recognizes the pressing need to raise awareness about this critical issue and advocates for a collective understanding of the significance of clean water access. This can mitigate most significant health, education, agriculture, and economic development challenges. The provision of clean water through Project WASH addresses immediate needs and creates a ripple effect that permeates every aspect of community life.

Project Partners / Beneficiaries

Secret Valley, Brgy Tibungco

Year-By-Year Implementation

2020: Installation of Solar Panels for a Solar-Powered Water System

Date: Nov 1, 2020
Project Chair: Sherwin Dumago

JCI Davao provided a solar-powered water system in the community of Secret Valley, Barangay Tibungco, Davao City. The utilization of renewable energy sources to supply water is meant for the community to have a significantly lower average electricity bill, the savings from which they can allocate for road concreting, drainage, and other self-initiated development projects to improve their quality of life.