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Socio-Economic Empowerment for Development (S.E.E.D), an impactful initiative by JCI Davao, is a pioneering training program designed to empower the children of Field of Dreams through practical skills and knowledge.

This transformative program focuses on harnessing the potential of cacao trees near their orphanage, enabling the children to cultivate them as a sustainable and income-generating business that fosters entrepreneurship and financial independence.

From its humble beginnings as a struggling foundation heavily reliant on sporadic charitable donations, the orphanage has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past eight years, thanks to the Socio-Economic Empowerment for Development (S.E.E.D) program implemented by JCI Davao. Today, this once-vulnerable institution has achieved self-sufficiency, providing vital necessities such as food, clothing, and education to the children under its care. In addition to its profound impact on the Field of Dreams orphanage, JCI Davao is actively engaged in supporting similar foundations, assisting them in their journey toward financial freedom and sustainable growth.

Project Partners / Beneficiaries

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Child Hope - Field of Dreams Charity Foundation

Year-By-Year Implementation

2022: Training in Cacao Farm management

Date: April 29, 2022
Project Chair: Rom Batestil