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Sa Tulong Mo, Makakalakad Ako

This program is in support with but not limited to Tebow Cure Hospital in Lanang, Davao City which is a non-profit hospital, that caters to patients under 18 years old with most cases related to orthopedic cases (such as bowed legs, clubfoot) and cleft lip/palate. 

Junior Chamber International (JCI) Davao, Inc. partners with Tebow Cure Hospital (Cure Philippines, Inc.) through this program where the goal is to raise funds for patients who would be needing orthopedic procedures, and to raise awareness about Tebow Cure Hospital’s goal and services as well as advocate anti-bullying for the community with birth defects. The aim is that when the children undergo corrective procedure for their limbs, the children would have better quality of life, grow to their maximum heigh potential and in some cases will not experience physical pain throughout their life. After going through the physical procedures, that’s where the counseling starts

JCI Davao will actively promote for the mission, vision, and values of Tebow Cure Hospital, being a non-profit private hospital where all surgeries are sponsored – meaning that the patient or the patient’s family does not pay their own hospital bills but are covered by existing or new sponsors. They are heavily reliant on government and private sector support. The organization’s goal is to let the public understand the hospital’s work inside, to organize events and promote in social media, to invite more potential individual and corporate sponsors and to advocate for inclusivity for this community.

Project Partners / Beneficiaries

Partner Logo - Tebow Cure Hospital

Year-By-Year Implementation

2023: Happy Feet 2023 Fun Run for a Cause

Date: May 28, 2023
Project Chair: Ryan Aaron Ho
Project Vice Chair: Lorenzo Villafuerte

JCI Davao was able to raise P100,000 to be given to the partner beneficiary, Tebow Cure Hospital, helping 10 children with club foot disease to be able to walk and live a normal life.

2017: Tebow Cure Hospital Fun Walk/Run

Date: May 28, 2017
Project Chair: Francis de Guzman

In partnership with Tebow Cure Hospital and DMCI Homes, JCI Davao organized a fun run fundraiser to benefit children with orthopedic conditions. We ran so they could run too!