JCI Davao and Tebow Cure Join Forces to Empower Children with Clubfoot through “Happy Feet 2023” Fun Run

Aaron Siapuatco
Aaron Siapuatco
Computer Science Student at University of the Philippines Mindanao
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In a remarkable display of compassion and commitment towards transforming the lives of children with clubfoot, JCI Davao and Tebow Cure, renowned organizations dedicated to making a positive impact on society, once again united their efforts to organize the highly anticipated “Happy Feet 2023” fun run. This event served as both a source of joy and a fundraiser, supporting the project “Sa Tulong Mo Makakalakad Ako” aimed at enabling children with clubfoot to walk and lead normal lives. Building upon their successful partnership, JCI Davao and Tebow Cure have embarked on a three-year collaboration, strengthening their collective mission to assist more children and distressed families.

The Journey of Collaboration:

Since their initial collaboration in 2017 for the “Fun Run for Clubfoot,” JCI Davao and Tebow Cure have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to improving the lives of children affected by clubfoot. This partnership has provided a solid foundation for launching various initiatives aimed at raising awareness, providing medical assistance, and supporting the families affected by this condition.

“Happy Feet 2023” Fun Run:

On May 28, 2023, the vibrant city of Davao bore witness to the tremendous enthusiasm and support generated by the “Happy Feet 2023” fun run. Participants from all walks of life, including athletes, families, and local communities, gathered at the starting line, donning their running shoes and an unwavering spirit of solidarity. The fun run served a dual purpose of promoting physical fitness and raising funds to support the “Sa Tulong Mo Makakalakad Ako” project, which is specifically designed to address the needs of children with clubfoot. Participants could choose from various categories, allowing people of different ages and fitness levels to participate and contribute to this noble cause.

A Three-Year Partnership:

Recognizing the immense impact they can achieve by working hand in hand, JCI Davao and Tebow Cure recently signed a groundbreaking three-year partnership agreement. This extended commitment signifies their determination to make a lasting difference in the lives of children affected by clubfoot and their families. Under this partnership, JCI Davao and Tebow Cure will pool their resources, expertise, and networks to implement a comprehensive range of programs and services. These initiatives aim to provide medical interventions, ensure access to quality healthcare, offer emotional support to families, and create opportunities for affected children to regain their mobility and lead fulfilling lives.

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