Earth Shattering! 75th Charter Anniversary Celebration of JCI Davao

Aaron Siapuatco
Aaron Siapuatco
Computer Science Student at University of the Philippines Mindanao
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For 75 years, JCI Davao has been the cornerstone of leadership in Davao City, a beacon of strength and resilience. With a legacy built upon the shoulders of young, capable leaders, this chapter has not only symbolized excellence but has also garnered numerous accolades and recognitions over the years. And it’s most recent achievement? Continuing with the 75th Charter Anniversary despite a 7.4 magnitude earthquake! JCI Davao has proved once again its mettle, standing strong amidst the adversity it faces.

Event Proper

Kidding aside, the chapter hosted its charter anniversary at Arcadia Events Center, Ecoland, Davao City. Which was attended by previous National Board Members, Area Officers, and Senators of JCI Davao. 

(Left to Right) IPP Arthur Dizon, NEVP George Misa, SG Dennis Cunanan

Heading the event, IPP Arthur Dizon Jr. delivered a keynote speech reflecting on his tenure as the 75th President of JCI Davao. Despite unprecedented challenges, including the pandemic and supporting Atty. Quilaneta’s campaign, Dizon Jr. led the chapter to remarkable achievements, winning 17 Agung Awards and contributing to Quilaneta’s election as the 4th National President. His leadership exemplified resilience and determination, propelling the chapter beyond expectations in the post-pandemic era. 

Moreover, NEVP George Misa and SG Dennis Cunanan shared impactful stories from their JCI experiences, underscoring JCI Davao’s role in fostering personal growth and community impact, cultivating a dedicated following committed to continuous improvement. Additionally, the chapter awarded its senators for the long-standing service and support they gave to the chapter.

NP Mac’s Thanks

Afterwards, 2024 NP Mac showed his deep appreciation to all who supported him during the campaign throughout the year. other the chapter began to award its senators for their long-standing service and support to the chapter. 

A National President comes once in a blue moon or has never occurred to other chapters. JCI Davao is grateful and blessed to have another national president since NP Angie Angliongto, all the way back to 1976.

Adding to the long list of achievements that JCI Davao has produced over 75 years. 3 National Presidents, over 190+ Senators, and countless Area, National, International-Awards, and its most recent achievement, the 4th National President from JCI Davao, Atty. Mark Peter Quilaneta.

Truly, this ground-breaking performance of JCI Davao and its members for 2023 is definitely “one for the books” and an inspiration for the 2024 organization and beyond to keep on improving and lifting the name of JCI Davao.

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