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We Are JCI Davao

Established in 1948, JCI Davao is an affiliate of JCI Philippines, an organization of Junior Chamber International (JCI) members composed of young professionals trained to become future leaders and entrepreneurs.

For years, JCI Davao has played an active role in molding young individuals to become better Davaoeños. In seventy years of strong existence, its membership has numbered by the thousands that include distinguished local and national officials, outstanding career professionals and successful businessmen.

JCI Davao’s seven decades of leadership excellence has produced 3 national presidents, 196 JCI Senators, numerous area, national and international awards and has hosted the national convention in Davao City for a record setting 9 times. In 2019, JCI Davao was awarded as the Most Outstanding Chapter in Mindanao.

To date, JCI Davao has over 75 members in its active roster of regular members and senators and is still growing because of individuals who have applied their leadership skills to the continued growth and improvement of the JCI organization.

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By The Numbers

JCI Davao’s members has occupied a total of 48 various national positions during different terms. A total of 38 members became national officers holding various national positions.

3 National Presidents
  • Sebastian L. Angliongto (1976)
  • Jose G. Morada (1963)
  • Ramon G. Morada (1952)
10 National Executive Vice Presidents
  • Mark Peter M. Quilaneta (2023)
  • George Walter M. Misa (1990)
  • Mariano L. Quindoy (1969)
  • Honesto A. Cabarroguis, Jr. (1967)
  • Jose G. Morada (1962)
  • Napoleon P. Mesias (1957)
  • Luis D. Mendoza (1960)
  • Rico M. Medina (1959)
  • Sergio W. Jalbuena (1958)
  • Ramon G. Morada (1952)
2 National Directors
  • Ernesto G. Castañeda (1955)
  • Bienvenido S. Cruz (1953)
1 National Auditor
  • Rufino D. Ambrosio, Jr. (1962 – 1964)
  • Dionisio C. Dela Serna (1976)
  • Honesto A. Cabarroguis, Jr. (1969)
10 Area Vice Presidents
  • Mark Peter M. Quilaneta (2021)
  • Louel B. Zambrano (2016)
  • Steve Laurence M. Arquiza (2012)
  • Roberto U. Teo (1990)
  • George Walter M. Misa (1987)
  • Alex Ngo (1981)
  • Jose A. Feliciano (1977)
  • Sebastian L. Angliongto (1974)
  • Honesto A. Cabarroguis, Jr. (1966)
  • Jose G. Morada (1961)
21 Regional Vice Presidents
  • Rodolfo R. Cabañog, Jr. (2013)
  • Renauld N. Candia (2010)
  • Rolando Carlo Lacson (2008)
  • Jesus Leonardo E. Mabaquiao (2006)
  • Robert Martin Antepuesto (2004)
  • Ralph E. Aviola (2000)
  • Angel P. Puentespina (1997)
  • Lorenzo A. Cristobal (1995)
  • Roberto U. Teo (1989)
  • George Walter M. Misa (1986)
  • Wilfredo P. Fuentes (1983)
  • Jose C. Estrada (1979)
  • Dionisio C. Dela Serna (1975)
  • Pedro C. Leoncio (1973)
  • Jose T. Rodriguez (1972)
  • Honesto A. Cabarroguis, Jr. (1964)
  • Rodolfo V. Perez (1959)
  • Calixto T. Alamag (1958)
  • Napoleon P. Mesias (1956)
  • Jose L. Angliongto (1955)
  • Ramon G. Morada (1950)
2 Comelec Chairmen
  • Jose Edgar Ilagan (1999)
  • Jonathan Jocom (1994)
2 Comelec Commissioners for Area 5
  • Omar Soriano (2010)
  • Robert Michael N. Razon (2009)

JCI Davao Inc. has hosted a total of 9 National Conventions: 1952, 1954, 1962, 1966, 1972, 1981, 1987, 1996 and 2005.

The organization has also fathered many child chapters and formed bonds with different national and international JCI Chapters.

Created Chapters
  • Davao Junior Jaycees (1964)
  • JCI Toril
  • JCI Bago Oshiro
  • JCI Hiyas
  • JCI Davaoeña Daba-Daba
  • JCI Duwaling
  • JCI Tuna
  • JCI Lakambini Davao
  • JCI Mati
  • JCI Calinan Cacao
  • JCI Agdao Merchants
  • JCI Buhangin Uptown
  • JCI Buda Skyline
  • JCI Toril Southport
  • JCI Chinatown Davao
  • JCI Paquibato Hinterlands
  • JCI Talomo Watershed
  • JCI Sasa Harbour
  • JCI Malagos Chocolate
  • JCI Bunawan Highlands
  • JCI Tugbok Farmlands
  • JCI Marilog Waterfalls
  • JCI Mintal Shrines
  • JCI Maragusan Pyagsawitan
  • JCI Panabo
International Sister Chapters
  • JCI Jung Hyoo Won (Korea)
  • JCI Sapporo (Japan)
  • JCI Manado (Indonesia)
  • JCI Namsan (Korea)
National Sister Chapters
  • JCI Manila
  • JCI Quezon City Capitol
  • JCI Quezon City Sampaguita
  • JCI Manileña
  • JCI Alabang
  • JCI Bacolod
  • JCI Zugbuana
  • JCI Mactan Dagami
  • JCI Tuna
  • JCI Bai Lawanen
  • JCI Legazpi
  • JCI Mandaue
  • JCI General Santos Twinstar
  • JCI Cebu
  • JCI Iligan Dayang-Dayang
  • JCI Kulintang
  • JCI Ozamis Red Rose
  • JCI San Pablo Seven Lakes
  • JCI Cainta
  • JCI Zamboanga
  • JCI Kagayhaan Gold
  • JCI Baguio Sunflower
  • JCI Makati
  • JCI Boholana Kisses
  • JCI Puerto Princesa Peacock
  • JCI Womandaue
  • JCI Lipa
  • JCI Iloilo Ilang-ilang

After 75 years, JCI Davao continues its legacy of forming young professionals to become leaders and entrepreneurs with its new set of Board of Directors. 

2023 Board of Directors

JCI Creed

We Believe
That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;
That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;
That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;
That government should be of laws rather than of men;
That earth’s great treasure lies in human personality;
And that service to humanity is the best work of life.

JCI Prayer

We reaffirm our conviction that faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life.
May the Lord guide us in all our undertakings.

JCI Vision

To be the foremost global network of young leaders

JCI Mission

To provide leadership development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change



JCI Davao is committed to creating positive change to its communities, and forging a better future for all. Do you have the same drive as us? Contact us to get involved.

Engr. Arthur Dizon, Jr.

2023 LO President
Professional Background:
Civil Engineer / Project Manager & CEO, Ardi Primo Build Construction
JCI Davao Held Positions
Project Involvement

Michael James Oppus

2023 Immediate Past President
Professional Background:
Marketing Officer, Baclayon Jewelry Corporation
Chief Operations Officer, Garraton Properties
JCI Davao Held Positions
Project Involvement

Carlo Franco Santos

2023 President Elect
Professional Background:
Architect, Gray Architects & Engineers California
JCI Davao Held Positions
Project Involvement

Sherwin Lester Dumago

2023 Vice President For Internationalism
Professional Background:
Civil Engineer, Makati Development Corporation
JCI Davao Held Positions
Project Involvement

Engr. Ryan Aaron Ho

2023 VP For Business Development
Professional Background:
Manager, Rich Marketing
Project Involvement

Jose Antonio Kintanar

2023 Vice President for Individual Development
Professional Background:
Partner, NBK Consultancy
JCI Davao Held Positions
Project Involvement

Anthony John Christopher Castro

2023 Vice President for Community Development
Professional Background:
Engineer II, DPWH - Davao City District Engineering Office
JCI Davao Held Positions
Project Involvement

Jestoni Diaz

2023 Secretary General
Professional Background:
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO, Kisan Lu Land & Development, Inc.
JCI Davao Held Positions
Project Involvement

Marc Leo Emmanuel Esponilla

2023 Treasurer
Professional Background:
Business Development Manager, Century Pacific Food, Inc.
JCI Davao Held Positions
Project Involvement

Paolo Javier Ledesma

2023 Director At Large
Professional Background:
Vice President for Finance & Administration, LEDCORE Construction & Development Corp.
JCI Davao Held Positions
Project Involvement