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Project Grab Crab

Project Grab Crab aims to assist people’s organizations in developing sustainable marine ecosystem-based livelihood, creating a balance between environmental protection and jobs generation.

JCI Davao, through this project, aims to propagate sustainable impacts on the community of Tambongon, Lasang, Davao City. 

The foundation of Project Grab-Crab is bounded on the purpose of addressing the issues of mud crab farming that limits the economic activity of the community. The project address multiple problems through the genesis and development of a knowledge-based mud crab farming practices, skills development programs, provision of essential materials, and environmental conservation.

Project Partners

Partner Logo - TAMFIAS
Partner Logo - Baranggay Lasang
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Year-By-Year Implementation

2023: Installation of Net Barrier to Protect the Mangrove Area from Ocean Debris

Date: May 1, 2023
Project Chair: Ralph dela Cerna

This year's focus is on installing net barriers around the coastline to prevent garbage and debris coming from the ocean. This net barrier will mainly protect the mangrove area housing the crabs that TAMFIAS will harvest. Part of the culmination was planting mangrove seedlings and coastal cleanup.

2022: Skills Development on Mud Crab farming

Date: April 16, 2022
Project Chair: Marlon Suelto

2021: Bubu Making, Sapyaw Making and Crab Cage Making

Date: April 15, 2021
Project Chair: Glenn Robledo