Grab Crab Year 3 Ocular Visit

Ralph dela Cerna
Ralph dela Cerna
JCI Davao Member
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On March 25, 2023, the Grab Crab Year 3 team from JCI Davao Inc. visited Brgy. Lasang to conduct an ocular visit at Tamfias – Tambongon Fisherfolks Association for Site Scoping and Project Assessment.

During the visit, the team had a chance to engage with the Tamfias Team & the Barangay Lasang officials and understand the problems the community was facing.

Through discussions with the local officials, the Grab Crab Year 3 team identified several key issues that were affecting the community.

To address these issues, the Team, Tamfias Team & the Barangay Lasang officials agreed on a set of sustainable solution. These solution included setting up a Coastal Fence to reduce pollution and preserve the marine ecosystem.

By implementing these solution, the community would be able to enjoy the benefits of sustainable fishing, which include increased income for the fisherfolks, preservation of marine biodiversity, and a cleaner and healthier environment for all.

The Grab Crab Year 3 team and JCI Davao Inc. are committed to working with the Tamfias Team & Barangay Lasang officials to ensure the success of these initiatives and create a positive impact on the community.

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