Celebrating Youth Leadership: The 2024 Youth Leadership Excellence Awards

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JCI Davao Inc. recently hosted the 2024 Youth Leadership Excellence Awards (YLEA), a highly anticipated event that honors the outstanding achievements of young leaders across the nation. Held in Abreeza Mall, Davao, this year’s ceremony brought together esteemed guests, dedicated teachers, proud parents, and the bright young awardees who have shown exceptional leadership and academic prowess in their respective schools.

Setting the Stage for Excellence

The event commenced with a warm welcome from the emcee, inviting everyone to take their seats and prepare for the program. The audience stood in unity for the singing of the Philippine National Anthem, followed by the recitation of the JCI Values, Prayer, Mission, and Vision, setting a tone of respect and inspiration for the proceedings.

The emcee acknowledged the presence of notable figures, including Regional Vice President of the Davao Region, Jommy Gentiles, and the presidents of various JCI chapters. This acknowledgment highlighted the collaborative spirit and support of the JCI community in nurturing young leaders.

Moreover, adding a special touch to the ceremony, last year’s YLEA participants made a heartfelt appearance to show their support for the new awardees. Their presence underscored the lasting impact of the Youth Leadership Excellence Awards, as they shared words of encouragement and inspiration, demonstrating the enduring legacy of the program and the ongoing journey of leadership.

Project Chair, John Chin

The 2024 Youth Leadership Excellence Awards (YLEA) was a celebration of young leaders’ remarkable achievements, and at the helm of this inspiring event was the dedicated project chair, John Chin. Known for his unwavering commitment to fostering leadership and excellence among youth, John Chin has been instrumental in organizing this prestigious awards ceremony. His passion and vision have helped shape the YLEA into a platform that not only recognizes academic and leadership accomplishments but also inspires the next generation to reach greater heights.

Inspirational Words and Keynote Address

Area 5 Chairperson for YLEA, AC Joe Marie Tan, delivered a heartfelt welcome address, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and fostering leadership qualities in youth. The keynote address was presented by the Regional Chair for YLEA in Davao, who elaborated on the history and significance of the YLEA program, one of the longest-running flagship programs of JCI Philippines.

The Awarding Ceremony

The highlight of the event was the awarding ceremony, where the Youth Leadership Excellence Awards were presented to the deserving young leaders. The YLEA JCI Chairpersons announced the awardees, who were invited to the stage amidst applause and cheers. The emcee introduced key figures who assisted in the presentation of the awards, including the Regional Vice President, Area Chairperson, Regional Chairperson, Local Organization Chapter Presidents, and Pres. Carlo Franco Santos the 2024 LO Chapter President.

Awardees’ Celebration

The celebration culminated in a joyous moment as the awardees were called to the stage to receive their accolades. The room erupted in applause and cheers, celebrating not just individual achievements but the collective spirit of excellence and leadership. Laughter, smiles, and proud tears filled the venue as students, parents, teachers, and JCI members shared in the triumphs of these young leaders, marking a memorable and uplifting conclusion to the 2024 YLEA ceremony.

A Memorable Conclusion

The event wrapped up with a photo opportunity, inviting awardees, their families, teachers, and JCI members to capture the memorable occasion. The emcee thanked everyone for their participation and support, emphasizing the importance of leadership, passion, and purpose in shaping the future.

The 2024 Youth Leadership Excellence Awards not only celebrated the achievements of young leaders but also inspired the next generation to lead with integrity and excellence. The event was a fitting tribute to the youth who embody the spirit of leadership and the promise of a brighter future.