Maradjaw Karadjaw: My First NatCon

John Chin
John Chin
Deputy Vice President for Individual Development
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“All the best” – the local term “maradjaw karadjaw” directly translates to this phrase, and it has bothered me what being “all the best” means for JCI?

As a baby JC who just had his Grand Opportunity to Impact last August 2022, I was able to join the 2022 Area Convention in September and the 2022 National Convention in November– this has truly been an overwhelming welcome to the JCI Family.

Hosted by JCI Surigao Nickel and co-hosted by JCI Surigao Wensie, the National Convention for sure has been a jam-packed experience for everyone. Participants across the country travelled together with their sister and daughter LO’s. We witnessed the awarding of excellently executed projects, participated in the national trainings, definitely enjoyed the parties, and most important of all – experienced first-hand the quality of network that JCI has to offer. During the Temiong Awards Night, we saw how JCI pushes us to be the best version of ourselves as manifested through the excellent projects recognized. The entire time, my mind wondered particularly on the idea: “Would all these achievements be enabled without the help of JCI?”.

2014 JCI World Secretary General on his keynote speech said: “Tayo ngayon ang bagng kulay ng bahaghari. Tayo ang tunay na tagumpay ng adhikain ng JCI.”. This proved further how I should view JCI: Not as a volunteer nor as a charity organization, but rather an organization for self-development with like-minded young individuals working to build a better nation. The true success of JCI is not with their projects, but with their members. I witnessed this not only during the awarding ceremonies, but across all the events in between.

My first NatCon experience has lived up to its theme, being all the best in leadership, training, community-building, and networking it has to offer. I definitely look forward to participating in

more JCI Conventions, to meet these leaders who are great role models of how JCI accomplishes its vision of providing leadership opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

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