Wakanda Forever: My First Project

Ralph dela Cerna
Ralph dela Cerna
JCI Davao Member
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This article is written by Ryan Aaron Ho, 2023 JCI Davao Vice President for Business Opportunities, for The Quill.

2022 and it’s already post-pandemic. Cinemas, sports centers, activity centers, and restaurants are at regular capacities. Everyone is able to leave their homes, the children and youth are going back to school campuses and hopeful opportunities for projects that nurture and empower the youth of Davao are in sight. JCI Davao’s 2023 Board of Directors are already planning.

Moviegoers start to flock the cinema for the Block Screening Event

I was given my first project to raise funds for the incoming 2023 projects through a block movie screening. The movie was Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever, for the chapter it has been the first block screening project in two years and with less than a month to prepare, but we were confident that by advocating our cause, our vision, mission and projects to the people at this time of crisis, that we can raise funds and sell out tickets. I had a very encouraging co-chair, incoming 2023 LO Treasurer Marc Esponilla and a pool of baby jaycees who were enthusiastic to grow with us and make a difference to the community. Throughout the project planning, taking up the leadership role, I felt the challenge to empower our Baby Jaycees and I could say I could never have done it without the help of Ralph, Cris, Jap, Jericho, Karlo, and Kevin, they have done so well in their roles before and during the event. Also, guidance from one of the pioneers in block screening activities in our chapter, JCI Davao Member Kristoffer Young, has offered us many useful insights and wisdom.

To organize a block screening is relatively new to me, along the way, there were post -pandemic protocols that had to be figured out. This was a great opportunity to educate suppliers, the cinema, and food concessionaire, our vision and mission. Rather than showing trailers, we showed viewers who is JCI Davao is and the projects that we do. With 60% of the viewers non-JCI , we wanted spread our ideals with the hope that we can influence more active young people to serve along with us in the community, the goal after raising funds was to spread awareness of our identity and mission as a JCI chapter. Every ticket was sold earlier than expected.

To end this, what I learned when it comes to fundraising, it is really about being transparent to the people about the funds, advocating for your projects and properly representing JCI Philippines and our local chapter.

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