Celebrating the Success of JCI Davao Pawicamp!

Ralph dela Cerna
Ralph dela Cerna
JCI Davao Member
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We are thrilled to announce the resounding success of the JCI Davao Pawicamp 2023, in partnership with the esteemed Davao Light and Power Co. Aboitiz Foundation and DENR Region 11! Together, we are igniting the passion of 25 incredible Eco-Warriors to protect our planet.

Guided by the exceptional leadership of Camp Master Engr. John Chin, assisted by Engr. Jap Abalos, Engr. Sherwin Dumago and Program Chair AC Bajana, the camp was an unforgettable experience of growth and transformation. Their dedication and expertise ensured that our campers received the best environmental education possible.

The camp activities were nothing short of extraordinary, featuring captivating bird watching experiences and in-depth workshops on biodiversity preservation facilitated by DENR Region 11. Our campers dove deep into the wonders of nature, understanding its delicate balance and their role in its conservation.

Moreover, the Eco-Warrior Leadership Talk delivered by Raymond Peter Esperat of JCI Davao left an indelible mark on our campers’ hearts. They were inspired and empowered to take charge, ready to face the challenges of saving Mother Earth with renewed determination.

We are incredibly proud of our campers’ accomplishments, and their readiness to make a lasting impact on the environment. Together, we stand united in our commitment to create a sustainable and eco-conscious future for generations to come.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our generous sponsors, who played a vital role in making this camp a reality: 2022 NSG Newsgroup, JCI Iloilo Ilang-ilang, RVP Faith Macailing, Aelisse Beauty Products, RVP Aika Pineda, Blessed by ASG Ramjie Odin, Manolette Bakeshop, Pres MJ Oppus, Pres Mitty Dela Torre, and the 2023 Office of the National Executive Vice President. Your support and contributions have empowered us to create positive change.

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