JCI Davao Celebrates Earth Day with Pawicamp

Ralph dela Cerna
Ralph dela Cerna
JCI Davao Member
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Celebrating Earth Day, JCI Davao and its esteemed partners took action to preserve our planet’s precious coastal ecosystem. PAWICAMP, a collaborative project between JCI Davao, Aboitiz Foundation, 2023 ONEVP, JCI Duwaling, MOHSG 56, ADDU Batch 98, UIC College of Arts and Humanities, College of Engineering and Architecture, Graduate School, and Ansaldo Agroventures, kicked off on April 29, 2023, at the Aboitiz Cleanergy Park in Punta Dumalag, Davao City.

Together, we planted 400 mangroves, a vital part of the coastal ecosystem, and collected 20 sacks of garbage from the area. With our collective efforts, we’re making a real difference in protecting our environment and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

MOHSG participants plant mangroves as part of their training program

The event saw enthusiastic participation from JCI Davao members, MOHSG 56 candidates, JCI Duwaling, 4th Year Architecture Students of UIC, and Faculty and Staff of College of Arts and Humanities. It was truly heartwarming to see such a diverse group of people coming together for a common cause.

Adding to the excitement of the day, the event also marked the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement between Aboitiz Foundation and JCI Davao. This agreement solidifies their commitment to continuously support the project’s goal of creating a better sanctuary for endangered sea turtles and becoming ambassadors of environmental conservation.

With this partnership, we can continue to work towards a sustainable future, protecting not only the mangroves and coastlines but also the precious wildlife that calls it home.

The success of PAWICAMP is a testament to the power of collective action towards a common goal. As we look towards the future, let’s continue to work together and create a positive impact on our environment and our communities.

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